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Interacts with the benzodiazepine receptors of the limbic system and upstream activating the brain stem formation, contributes to the opening Cl-channels, which leads to enhance the inhibitory effects of GABA in the central nervous system. It eliminates anxiety, feelings of fear, stress psychoneurotic, general motor excitation, excessive restlessness, restores emotional behavior and has a stabilizing effect on the autonomic nervous system. It restores a critical assessment of their own disease. deca Durabolin for sale central muscle relaxant, sedative and hypnotic action is less pronounced than in typical benzodiazepine antianxiety drugs (anxiolytics).

After intake of rapidly absorbed. Absorption – 49-75%. The time required for maximum concentration – 1-2 hours Connection with the plasma protein -. 99.8%. It is metabolized by hydroxylation, N-demethylation, oxidation with the formation of active metabolites: dezmetilmedazepam (nordiazepam), diazepam, dimetildiazepam, oxazepam (7.1% of the dose). Nordiazepam has a long half-life (T 1/2 ) is stored in the body and has a marked sedation. Excretion metabolites associated with glucuronic acid, kidney (63-85%) and in the intestine (15-37%). T 1/2 -. 20-176 hours after completion of receiving more significant concentrations of metabolites in the plasma (T have long defined within 3-14 days 1/2 ).

Indications for use:

Neurotic disorders and neurosis; psychosomatic and vegetative disorders, alcohol withdrawal syndrome (in combination therapy). Children – mental lability, excessive excitability.

Contraindications for use:

Hypersensitivity, male, acute liver disease and kidney failure, “night” sleep apnea, alcohol and drug addiction, children’s age (10 years), lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption.


Liver and / or kidney failure, pregnancy, and spinal cerebellar ataxia, ocular hypertension, organic lesions of the central nervous system, respiratory failure, older age, overall severity of the condition.

The dosage regimen, method of application, duration of treatment:

Inside, before meals, dose picked individually, with neurotic and neurosis-like disorders, 2-3 times a day, the initial single dose of 10 mg, the initial daily dose – 20 mg, gradually increasing the dose to 30 mg / day (if needed – up to 40 mg / day); psychosomatic disorders and autonomic from 20 to 40 mg per day (average 30 mg: 1 tablet three times a day). In the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome appoint 30 mg / day for 1-2 weeks. For adults, the average single dose of 10-20 mg. The average daily dose – 30-40 mg. The maximum daily dose for adults -. 40 mg (on an outpatient basis) and 60-70 mg (in the hospital)
The duration of treatment is determined individually, no more than 2 months on average, a second course – after a break (at least 3 weeks). The elderly and adolescents appoint 10-20 mg / day.

Precautions for use:

Apply strictly prescribed by a doctor to avoid complications.
The treatment period may cause difficulty deca durabolin for sale in remembering and learning, should refrain from the use of ethanol.
In the treatment and prevention of withdrawal syndrome of abolition produce gradually.
Assign a short time, long-term use, the formation of drug dependence (if too high doses – the development of tolerance and psychological dependence).

Overdose symptoms, relief measures in overdose:

Symptoms: fatigue, catalepsy, ataxia, tachycardia, decreased blood pressure, muscle hypotonia; in severe cases – coma, convulsions, respiratory depression. Treatment: gastric lavage, activated charcoal and laxatives, intravenous fluids, monitoring of respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, general measures aimed at maintaining basic vital functions the body, and the preparation of all the necessary conditions. for emergency assistance in the possible development of airway obstruction. Forced diuresis and hemodialysis ineffective.

Possible side effects when using the drug:

Medazepam generally well tolerated. From the nervous system: drowsiness, headache (first reaction to the reception, which disappears after reducing the dose), weakness, dizziness, stupor, anterograde amnesia, depression, confusion, dysarthria, ataxia (in elderly patients and in patients with mental retardation), paresis of accommodation; in elderly patients and children – disorientation, disinhibition, aggression. On the part of the cardiovascular system: tachycardia, decreased blood pressure. From the digestive system: dry mouth, dyspepsia, increased activity of “liver” transaminases. The respiratory system: depression of the respiratory center (with airway obstruction or damage to the brain), alveolar hypoventilation (in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease when taken in high doses). Other:reduction of potency and / or libido, dysmenorrhea, urinary retention, spasm of the vocal cords (with a temporary cessation of breathing), chest pain, “cancellation” syndrome, paradoxical reactions, drug dependency (especially long-term use), allergic reactions.

Interaction with other drugs:

With simultaneous application of mutual strengthening of ethanol action of narcotic analgesics, drugs for general anesthesia, muscle relaxants centrally acting barbiturates, hypnotics, antidepressants.
At the same time taking antihypertensive drugs central action and beta-blockers possible excessive growth of sedative and hypotensive action.
When combined application with anticoagulants a decrease in the activity of indirect anticoagulants.
inhibitors of microsomal liver enzymes (cimetidine) increase and prolong the effect of inducers (barbiturates and phenytoin) is impaired.
Oral contraceptives may delay mezapama metabolism, which leads to increased intensity and duration of its action.
Reduces the effect of levodopa , deca durabolin for sale enhances the effect of phenytoin (last deceleration). natco 30 bodybuilding how to lose fat buy tramadols online bodybuilding shred